Gel box
with WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors
Art. no.
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Product family EASY-PROTECT
Main description Gel box
Sub description with WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors
Family description Gel filled housings for easy, fast and safe moisture protection of WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors
Copyright WAGO is a registered trademark of WAGO Verwaltungsellschaft mbH
Notes Not reusable
Characteristics Protects the splicing connector against moisture and water ingress according to IPX8, VDE type-tested system according to EN 60998-2 for approval in conjunction with WAGO COMPACT conjunction with WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connectors 221, Rigid, label-free and silicone-free gel, UV-resistant housing, robust and re-accessible housing, Quick, safe and easy assembly, Ready-to-use
Applications Indoor and Outdoor, Can be used in the low-voltage range without an additional housin, Can be used in the low-voltage range with additional housing (double insulation / observe protection class II)
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Voltage levels U0/U (Um) 0,6/1 (1,2) kV
Test standards EN 60998-2
Housing type 1
Number of housing 12 Pieces
Connector type 221-413
Number of connector 12 Pieces
Length L 33,6 mm
Width B 32 mm
Heigth H 17,8 mm
Nominal cross section min 0,2 mm²
Nominal cross section max 4 mm²
IP protection class IPX8
IP protection class (associated standard) IEC 60529
Housing colour black
Housing material Polypropylene
Closure type Verrastung
Wiring direction einseitig
Gel colour gelblich transluzent
Gel Material Polyurethan
Voltage range 450 V
Voltage range (associated standard) IEC 60998-2
Flammability class housing V2
Flammability class housing (associated standard) UL 94
Rated surge voltage 4 kV
Rated surge voltage (associated standard) IEC 60998-2
Rated current 32 A
Rated current (associated standard) IEC 60998-2
Rated current WAGO Klemme 221 41 A
Ambient temperature (operation) 85 °C
Ambient temperature (operation) (associated standard) IEC 60998-2
Operating temperature range max 105 °C
Operating temperature range (associated standard) IEC 60998-2
Dielectric strength ≥ 15 kV/mm
Dielectric strength (associated standard) IEC 60243-1
More Information
Delivery scope Pre-filled gel box, WAGO COMPACT Splicing Connector type 221, EASY-PROTECT 113: 12x221-413
Shelf life description Unlimited shelf life
Storage temperatur min 0 °C
Storage temperatur max 40 °C
Country of origin Italy
Customs tariff number 85369010
EAN/GTIN 4010311199207
Alternate quantity 1 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Carton Pack Pal. OW
Base quantity 1 1 1 200
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece Piece
Lenght (mm) 207 207 207 1200
Width (mm) 157 157 157 800
Height (mm) 48 48 48 550
Net weight (kg) 0,215 0,215 0,215 43
Gross weight (kg) 0,215 0,215 0,215 61,2