SRAT 29-9

Heat shrinkable thick wall tube
halogen-free shrink ratio 3 : 1
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Product family SRAT
Main description Heat shrinkable thick wall tube
Sub description halogen-free shrink ratio 3 : 1
Family description The heat shrinkable tubes type SRAT are thick-walled, without thermoplastic adhesive with a shrinkage ratio of 3:1. Typical applications are as insulation tubes for conductors in cable terminations of 3.6 to 42 kVas well as suitable for corrosion protection.
Notes A standard spool may include sections which have been tied together., Other lengths available on request.
Characteristics Thick wall, Stabilized against UV rays, Halogen-free, Corrosion-resistant, Infusible, Highly resistant to electrical breakdown, Tracking resistance, High tensile strength, Free of lead and cadmium, Silicone free
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Test standards IEC 60684-2
Materials Cross-linked polyolefin
Selection Note spools
Length L 30 m
Colours red brown
Inner diameter before shrinking (mm) 29 mm
Inner diameter after shrinking (mm) 9 mm
Recovered wall thickness 3 mm
Tracking resistance Class 2A
Tracking resistance (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Resistance to fungus and decay: Elongation at break 350 %
Resistance to fungus and decay: Tensile strength at break 10 MPa
Weather resistance: Elongation at break 250 %
Weather resistance: Tensile strength at break 9 MPa
Weather resistance (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Hardness 44 Shore D
Hardness (associated standard) DIN 53505
Elongation at break 350 %
Elongation at break (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Tensile strength at break 12 MPa
Tensile strength at break (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Longitudinal shrinkage +/- 10 %
Longitudinal shrinkage (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Shrink ratio 3 : 1
Shrink ratio (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Eccentricity expanded 60 %
Eccentricity recovered 85 %
Eccentricity (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Operating temperature range min -40 °C
Operating temperature range max 100 °C
Operating temperature range (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Shrinkage temperature > 125 °C
Flame propagation Burning time < 1 s
Flame propagation (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Flexibility at low temperatures -40 °C
Flexibility at low temperatures (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Thermal ageing (168 h at 150 °C): Elongation at break 300 %
Thermal ageing (168 h at 150 °C): Tensile strength at break 11 MPa
Thermal ageing (168 h at 150 °C) (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Operation temperature min. -40 °C
Operation temperature max. 100 °C
Operation temperature (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Dielectric strength ​​ 20 kV/mm
Dielectric strength (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
Resistance to fungus and decay (associated standard) IEC 60684-2
More Information
Delivery scope Thick wall heat shrinkable tube, on spool or in lengths
Shelf life description Unlimited shelf life
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 39173200
EAN/GTIN 4010311017020
Packaging type Meter Coil Pal. OW
Content quantity 1 30 600
Unit of measure Meter Meter Meter
Lenght (mm) 0 484 1200
Width (mm) 0 484 800
Height (mm) 0 152 1130
Net weight (kg) 0,157 4,71 94,2
Gross weight (kg) 0,157 4,733 112,4