LZW-L Strain relief left

Splice cassette system
for fibre optic cables
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Product family LW..., LHS
Main description Splice cassette system
Sub description for fibre optic cables
Family description The splice cassette system offers the optimal solution when it comes to the management of fibre optic connections and the safe storage of spliced fibres. It can be used in a wide range of LAN, WAN and MAN applications in the fibre-to-the-home and industrial sectors. The system includes splice cassettes and components that can be reliably used in various applications. The splice cassettes ensure orderly storage and can be combined with each other as required. 
Notes Recommended operating temperature range of -55 to +70 °C
Characteristics Flange mount strain relief for fibre optic cables, Insertion opening for up to max. 12 glass fibres, Flame-retardant plastic housing, All current splice holders are interlockable (with anti-rotation protection), Easy attachment of stranded conductors, Counter support bracket for easy insertion of glass fibres, The conductors can be easily redirected to other levels, Halogen-free, Mechanical strain relief
Applications Compact joints, Coupler housing for joints or trays, Mechanical protection for spliced optical fibres, Drawer application (modular compartments), choice of stress relief bushing for easy assembly of pigtail, Vertical compartments for multifunctionality and flexibility, Where high performance fibre optic cabling and connections are required
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Materials Ethyl vinyl acetate insert, Flexible heat shrinkable tube, Stainless steel bar
Selection Note Accessories
Colours blue
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Delivery scope 25 Strain reliefs
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 39269097
EAN/GTIN 4010311013831
Packaging type Piece Bag Carton Pal. OW
Content quantity 1 25 500 10000
Unit of measure Piece Piece Piece Piece
Lenght (mm) 87 245 600 1200
Width (mm) 60 160 370 800
Height (mm) 10 35 200 1200
Net weight (kg) 0,011 0,275 5,5 110
Gross weight (kg) 0,011 0,28 5,8 128,2