WG 2200

Two-component PUR cast resin
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Product family WG
Main description Two-component PUR cast resin
Sub description removable
Family description The unfilled thin two-component polyurethane cast resin (PUR) WG was particularly developed for cable joints. The hardened moulding material is permanently elastic and can be removed at any time with simple tools.
Notes Other sizes available on request., Connection requires mechanical tension relief due to the flexibility of the resin e.g. by means of a mechanically stable joint housing., REACH Regulation on the restriction of diisocyanates (for EU countries only)The European Commission amended Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation (EC) (new number 74) with Regulation (EU) 2020/1149, which entered into force on 24 August 2020. In accordance with the new REACH Regulation, appropriate training will be required prior to the industrial or professional use of diisocyanates, adhesives and sealants as of 24 August 2023. All information regarding training materials and training courses is available on the ISOPA/ALIPA website https://www.safeusediisocyanates.eu/
Characteristics Favourable flow properties, High hydrolysis resistance, Halogen-free, Low hardening temperature, Not harmful to the environment, No fracturing under mechanical tension, No fracturing under electrical stress, Excellent adhesion to all cable materials, No fracturing under electrical stress, Excellent adhesion to all cable materials
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Test standards DIN VDE 0278-631-1
Content 2200 ml
Flash point of cast resin component (open cup) ​​ 200 °C
Flash point of reactant (open cup) ​​ 200 °C
Processing time (pot life) 300 ml mixture 5 °C 33 minutes
Processing time (pot life) 300 ml mixture 23 °C 24 minutes
Processing time (pot life) 300 ml mixture 35 °C 21 minutes
Reaction temperature max 60 °C
Total volume shrinkage during curing ​​ 1,2 %
Water absorption in warm water (42 d at 50 °C) 450 mg
Electrolytic corrosion A 1,2
1 minute test voltage at 23 °C Test voltage 1 minute at 23 °C > 20 kV
1 minute test voltage at 80 °C Test voltage 1 minute at 80 °C > 10 kV
Dielectric dissipation factor at 23 °C and 50 Hz 0,04
Dielectric constant at 23 °C and 50 Hz 5,7
Tracking resistance KA 3c
Tensile strength 0,6 N/mm²
Hardness 44 Shore A
Density 1,1 g/cm³
Density cured casting compound (associated standard) ISO 1183-1
Elongation at break 60 %
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Delivery scope Cast resin 2200ml
Shelf life 18 Month
Shelf life description In aluminium bag
Storage temperatur min 15 °C
Storage temperatur max 35 °C
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 39095090
EAN/GTIN 4010311056685
Alternative quantity 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Case Pal. EU
Base quantity 1 1 60
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece
Lenght (mm) 345 345 1200
Width (mm) 220 220 800
Height (mm) 55 55 1200
Net weight (kg) 2,48 2,48 148,8
Gross weight (kg) 2,48 2,48 177,8