Clear varnish
for insulation and sealing
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Product family PLASTIC
Main description Clear varnish
Sub description for insulation and sealing
Family description Contains a high-quality acrylic resin lacquer, protects against acids, alkalis, alcohols, moisture and adverse environmental influences, does not drip, solderable. Effective from -70° C to +120° C. Adheres to metal, plastic, wood, cardboard, glass etc.
Characteristics Highly resistant
Applications Sealing, Elimination or prevention of current leakage, corona discharges, soft short circuits, Insulation of panel boards, components, wires and cables, Protective film against pollutants such as acid, alkali, alcohol and moisture
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Content 0,4 l
Colours transparent color
Drying time 20 minutes
Flash point -97 °C
Density 0,78 g/cm³
Density 0,78 g/cm³
Heat resistance min -70 °C
Heat resistance max 120 °C
Dielectric strength ​​ 21 kV/mm
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Delivery scope Clear varnish
Shelf life 24 Month
Storage temperatur min 20 °C
Storage temperatur max 25 °C
Country of origin France
Customs tariff number 32082010
EAN/GTIN 4010311057286
Alternate quantity 1 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Tin Carton Pal. EU
Base quantity 1 1 12 900
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece Piece
Lenght (mm) 65 65 270 1200
Width (mm) 65 65 202 800
Height (mm) 200 200 203 1400
Net weight (kg) 0,389 0,389 4,668 350,1
Gross weight (kg) 0,389 0,389 4,968 379,1