CTKSA 19,5 kV

Coupling surge arrester
Class DH for separable connector type CTS
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Product family CTKSA
Main description Coupling surge arrester
Sub description Class DH for separable connector type CTS
Family description The Cellplux surge arrester CTKSA Class DH are designed to protect encapsulated medium voltage systems. The CTKSA coupling surge arresters are specifically designed for mounting on shielded, screw-type Cellpack cable connections and comply with the international standards IEC 60099-4 and IEC 60071.
Characteristics With capacitive measuring point, Individually tested, Outer semi-conductive layer made of semi-conductive EPDM provides protection from exposed electrical parts, Quick, safe and easy assembly
Applications Indoor, Outdoor
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Rated discharge current, In 10 kA
High current impulse 4/10 μs 100 kA
Rated short-circuit current 20 kA
Repetitive charge transfer rating, Qrs 0,5 C
Thermal charge transfer rating, Qth 1,1 C
Rated voltage, Ur 24 kV
maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc 19,5 kV
Residual voltage (IEC 60099-4) with steep current impulse (1/T, T < 20 \u001fs) 68 kV
Residual voltage (IEC 60099-4) with lightning impulse 8/20 μs 5 kA 59,6 kV
Residual voltage (IEC 60099-4) with lightning impulse 8/20 μs 10 kA 64,4 kV
Residual voltage (IEC 60099-4) with lightning impulse 8/20 μs 20 kA 70,4 kV
Length L 290 m
Width B 80 mm
Heigth H 380 mm
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Delivery scope Set of 3 surge arresters, Assembly material, Assembly instructions
Shelf life description Unlimited shelf life
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 85479000
EAN-UPC 4010311193205
Alternate quantity 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Carton Pal. OW
Base quantity 1 1 24
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece
Lenght 680 680 1200
Width 385 385 800
Height 115 115 1130
Dimension unit Millimetres Millimetres Millimetres
Volume 30,107 30,107 1084,8
Volume unit Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres
Net weight 14,807 14,807 355,368
Gross weight 14,807 14,807 373,568
Weight unit Kilogram Kilogram Kilogram