CAESK-I 36kV 70-150

1-core indoor slip-on cable termination
with screw cable lugs for 1-core polymeric cables
Art. no.
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Product family CAESK-I
Main description 1-core indoor slip-on cable termination
Sub description with screw cable lugs for 1-core polymeric cables
Family description Contrax cable terminations CAESK-I are suitable for all 1-core polymeric-insulated cables (PVC, PE, XLPE, EPR) with different types of semi-conductive layers (graphitecoated, removable or strippable) and screen design (wire or tape). With screw cable lugs.
Characteristics Silicone slip-on components for quick, safe and easy assembly, Wide cross-section range, Ready for immediate operation
Applications Indoor
Family notes Can be used also for cables Um = 7,2 kV, then the minimum diameter over conductor insulation has to be checked.
Optional accessory EGA earthing kit for cables with tape screen (see Connecting technology)
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Voltage levels U0/U (Um) 18/30 (36) kV - 19/33 (36) kV
Test standards CENELEC HD 629.1
Length L 360 mm
Diameter over core insulation after removal of the outer conductive layer min 24,2 mm
Number of sheds per phase 4 Pieces
Diameter shed 93 mm
Nominal cross section 36 kV min 70 mm²
Nominal cross section 36 kV max 150 mm²
More Information
Delivery scope 3 One-piece slip-on silicone cable terminations with integrated stress control element, Silicone tubes, Screw cable lugs for main conductor, Sealing tape, Assembly material, Assembly instructions
Shelf life description Unlimited shelf life
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 85469090
EAN-UPC 4010311149400
Alternate quantity 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Carton Pal. OW
Base quantity 1 1 36
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece
Lenght 420 420 1200
Width 250 250 800
Height 140 140 1130
Dimension unit Millimetres Millimetres Millimetres
Volume 14,7 14,7 1084,8
Volume unit Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres
Net weight 1,698 1,698 61,128
Gross weight 1,698 1,698 79,328
Weight unit Kilogram Kilogram Kilogram