No. 62

High voltage insulation tape
for insulation and padding
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Product family No. 60, No. 62
Main description High voltage insulation tape
Sub description for insulation and padding
Family description Sealing tape made of black EPR (ethylene propylene rubber), for waterproof protection of cables and components.
Characteristics Self-amalgamating, Fuses to form a homogeneous, cavityfree compound within a short period of time, Removable, Durable, Ozone-resistant, Weatherproof, Stabilized against UV rays, No electrolytic corrosion, Non tacky, Extremely ductile, Superior electrical properties, Excellent adherence to a wide range of substances, Superior physical properties, Easy processing
Applications Conductor insulation for polymeric insulated cables up to 69 kV, Padding of cable insulation, Sealing of casting moulds, Repairing and connection of various insulating and cable materials e.g. PE, XLPE, EPR, PVC, butyl, neoprene
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Materials EPR-Base
Length L 5 m
Width B 19 mm
Thickness 0,75 mm
Colours black
Water absorption max 0,05 %
Dissipation factor (50 Hz) 5
Temperature range min -40 °C
Temperature range max 100 °C
Elongation at break 900 %
Tensile strength at break 3 MPa
Specific volume resistivity 10¹³ Ω cm
Dielectric strength ​​ 42 kV/mm
Dielectric constant 2,8
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Delivery scope High voltage insulation tape
Country of origin Great Britain
Customs tariff number 40059100
EAN/GTIN 4010311060026
Alternate quantity 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Bag1 Carton
Base quantity 1 1 100
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece
Lenght (mm) 79 79 370
Width (mm) 79 79 250
Height (mm) 17 17 170
Net weight (kg) 0,083 0,083 8,3
Gross weight (kg) 0,083 0,083 8,6