M 7 EG

Cast resin straight-through joint
for polymeric cables and control cables and signal cables
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Product family M...EG
Main description Cast resin straight-through joint
Sub description for polymeric cables and control cables and signal cables
Family description Universally suitable for connecting polymeric cables or conductors insulated with PVC, PE, XLPE and EPR (e.g. N(A)YY, NYM, TT). With hydrolysis resistance PUR cast resin EG. Suitable for compression or screw connectors on copper and aluminium conductors.
Notes Armour continuity kit for armoured cable available on request., The European Commission amended Annex XVII of the REACH Regulation (EC) (new number 74) with Regulation (EU) 2020/1149, which entered into force on 24 August 2020. In accordance with the new REACH Regulation, appropriate training will be required prior to the industrial or professional use of diisocyanates, adhesives and sealants as of 24 August 2023. All information regarding training materials and training courses is available on the ISOPA/ALIPA website https://www.safeusediisocyanates.eu/
Optional accessory Cleaner UNIVERSAL CLEANER 121 (see Accessories), Shield continuity wire SVL (see Accessories), Connectors (see Connecting technology)
Characteristics Compact dimensions, Splice area visible before casting, High-quality transparent shockproof plastic shell, Resistant to chemical agents, Stabilized against UV rays, Resistant to alkaline earth elements, Longitudinally and transversely watertight, High electrical insulating values, High mechanical strength, Ready for immediate operation, Quick, safe and easy assembly
Applications Indoor, Outdoor, Underground, Water, Installation ducts
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Voltage levels U0/U (Um) 0,6/1 (1,2) kV
Test standards EN 50393
Length L 900 mm
Heigth H 190 mm
Diameter D 150 mm
Nominal cross section Polymeric cable unarmoured per conductor 3x max 400 mm²
Nominal cross section Polymeric cable unarmoured per conductor 4x max 300 mm²
Nominal cross section Polymeric cable unarmoured per conductor 5x max 240 mm²
Diameter cable max 90 mm
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Delivery scope Fill and air-release funnel, Hydrolysis resistance PUR cast resin EG, Packed in practical and easy-to-use two-chamber bags, Transparent plastic shell, PVC insulation tape, Protective gloves, Assembly instructions
Shelf life 40 Month
Storage temperatur min 15 °C
Storage temperatur max 35 °C
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 39095090
EAN/GTIN 4010311002538
Packaging type Piece Case Pal. EU
Content quantity 1 1 8
Unit of measure Piece Piece Piece
Lenght (mm) 1126 1126 1200
Width (mm) 336 336 800
Height (mm) 231 231 1130
Net weight (kg) 16,941 16,941 135,528
Gross weight (kg) 16,941 16,941 164,528