Anti-corrosion spray
for subsequent galvanizing
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Product family ZINC SPRAY 171
Main description Anti-corrosion spray
Sub description for subsequent galvanizing
Family description ZINK SPRAY 171 binds to steel and iron surfaces using an electrochemical process of forming a flexible protection film. This gives the parts an active cathodic protection against corrosion.
Characteristics Smooth, fine porous film, With hydrocarbon propellant (flammable), Can be varnished, Can be spot-welded, Dries quickly, Unmarked in compliance with ARB material regulations, No hazard rating in compliance with VBF, Weatherproof, Electrically conductive, Frost-resistant
Applications Long-lasting corrosion protection, Repairing of damaged zinc layers, Repairing of galvanised surfaces, Cold galvanising, Oxidation protection, Rust prevention, Cold galvanising, Oxidation protection, Rust prevention
Family notes ZINK SPRAY 171 is not approved according to the the food regulations and the construction material norms release 8/76 from the Institute for Construction Technology.
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Content 0,4 l
Colours grey
Degree of zinc purity 99 %
Density 0,95 g/cm³
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Delivery scope Anti-corrosion spray
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 32081090
EAN-UPC 4010311005744
Alternate quantity 1 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Tin Carton Pal. OW
Base quantity 1 1 12 1008
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece Piece
Lenght 70 70 280 1200
Width 70 70 220 800
Height 197 197 210 1400
Dimension unit Millimetres Millimetres Millimetres Millimetres
Volume 0,965 0,965 12,936 1344
Volume unit Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres
Net weight 0,458 0,458 5,496 461,664
Gross weight 0,458 0,458 5,796 479,864
Weight unit Kilogram Kilogram Kilogram Kilogram