for cleaning and degreasing
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Product family UNIVERSAL CLEAN 121
Main description Cleaner
Sub description for cleaning and degreasing
Characteristics For use with neoprene, polyethylene, EPR, XLPE, PVC, butyl rubber and thermoplastic insulation, Protection against accidental discharge, Cleans and degreases without leaving residue, non-conductive, Fast-acting, safe, No degradation
Applications Cleaning of semi-conducting layers, Removal of semi-conductive residues (such as graphite), Cleaning and degreasing of motors and electrical equipment, Cleaning of cables and conductors
Family notes Clean all parts thoroughly. Air dry or wipe with a cloth. Repeat operation as required. Always test a small area prior to cleaning plastics or finished surfaces.
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Content 1 l
Colours transparent color
Vapour pressure (20 °C) 200 hPa
Flash point -19 °C
Ignition temperature 260 °C
Lower explosion limit 1,1 Vol.-%
Upper explosion limit 13 Vol.-%
Density 0,62 g/cm³
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Delivery scope Cleaner
Country of origin Germany
Customs tariff number 38140090
EAN-UPC 4010311045733
Alternate quantity 1 1 1 1
Alternative unit of measure Piece Tin Carton Pal. EU
Base quantity 1 1 12 360
Base unit of measure Piece Piece Piece Piece
Lenght 99 99 420 1200
Width 99 99 310 800
Height 167 167 176 1760
Dimension unit Millimetres Millimetres Millimetres Millimetres
Volume 1,637 1,637 22,915 1689,6
Volume unit Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres Cubic decimetres
Net weight 0,935 0,935 11,22 336,6
Gross weight 0,935 0,935 11,52 365,6
Weight unit Kilogram Kilogram Kilogram Kilogram